Topics for Theses

Current topics for theses include:

  • distributed structured machine learning approaches (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
  • developing applications of DL-Learner in the area of life sciences (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
  • combinations of DBpedia and DL-Learner (Master or Bachelor)
    • navigation in DBpedia
    • improving the Wikipedia category system
  • integration of DL-Learner in OntoWiki (Bachelor)
  • developing a music recommendation system (Master or Bachelor)
  • writing a web user interface for DL-Learner (Bachelor)
  • extending the Protégé DL-Learner plugin (Bachelor)
  • converting ILP benchmarks to OWL and benchmarking against state-of-the-art ILP tools

Related or own ideas are also welcome. Students of the University of Leipzig and others (if their study regulations allow it) can apply for those topics.

A more detailed description of available theses topics is available in German: