Mailing Lists

Please subscribe to our discussion mailing list at


If you want to ask questions on StackOverflow please tag them with dl-learner so we can find them.


  • Jens Lehmann (Founder, Project Owner)
  • Lorenz Bühmann
  • Patrick Westphal
  • Simon Bin
  • Sebastian Hellmann
  • Christoph Haase (joint development of ideal refinement operator for EL)
  • Sebastian Bader (Prolog Parser)
  • Sebastian Knappe (DBpedia Navigator)
  • Tilo Hielscher (DL-Learner GUI)
  • Maria Moritz, Vu Duc Minh (OntoWiki plugin)
  • Christian Kötteritzsch (Protégé 4 plugin)
  • An Tran (Parcel Algorithm)
  • Daniel Fleischhacker (ISLE algorithm, several experiments)
  • Johanna Völker (ISLE algorithm, several experiments)
  • Didier Cherix (several experiments)


In general, please use the discussion mailing list (low traffic) for asking questions about DL-Learner. The developers are subscribed to this list and will answer your mails as soon as possible.

Only if the public mailing list is not appropriate, you can contact Jens Lehmann (project admin) directly.