Writing Clients

Starting the Web Service

The web server can be started via org.dllearner.server.DLLearnerWSStart in module interfaces [TODO: document how to start within release].

The Web Service currently starts its own mini-server which runs at a certain address, e.g.
It automatically creates a wsdl file which can then be found at http://localhost:8181/services?wsdl

PHP Clients

Existing Client

The DL-Learner comes with an existing php-client. It is based upon the soapclient package, which comes with the php distribution. It is supposed to have an MVC architecture, but currently the M and the V are mixed. Future work will be to separate the model and the view to allow easier and faster client developement and integration into other applications like Onto Wiki.
The PHP client is now deprecated. Onto Wiki will be used as a client in the future and there is a complete Java GUI for DL-Learner.

How to start writing a client

The PHP SOAP library allows to write clients in any standard PHP installation. The src/php-examples subversion directory contains small examples of how to access and use the DL-Learner web service.

Clients in any other language

Since the web service is based on standards like WSDL, it can be accessed using any programming language. All you need is basic support for web services, such that the WSDL service description can be interpreted.