Eclipse & DL-Learner

Developing DL-Learner using Eclipse

Instructions on how to prepare Eclipse for developing DL-Learner:

  1. Make sure you have Java 7, Maven 2 and Eclipse installed.
  2. Install the Subclipse plugin or the Subversive plugin for Subversion support.
  3. Install the Eclipse m2e Maven plugin for Maven support and “m2e-egit“ for Git.
  4. “File >> New >> Other…“ >> “Checkout Maven Projects from SCM“
  5. Set SCM URL type to “git“ and enter as URL
  6. Choose “Finish“

You should now be ready to develop DL-Learner in Eclipse. DL-Learner uses the standard code conventions with the only difference that the maximum line length is 100 instead of 80 (Project >> Properties >> Java Code Style >> Formatter >> Edit >> Line Wrapping Tab >> enter “100“ as maximum).

Similar instructions apply to other IDEs.

Hint: DL-Learner is a Maven multi module project. If you have several such projects in Eclipse, the package explorer can become cluttered. We recommend to put all DL-Learner modules in a working set. We also recommend to use the hierarchical view in the package explorer, because DL-Learner contains many nested packages.