Analysis of an issue in the refinement operator by Tomáš Bisták (2023): dl_learner_report.pdf

Please cite published in The Web Conf (WWW) 2018 as new reference publication for DL-Learner.

Bühmann, Lorenz, Lehmann, Jens, Westphal, Patrick and Bin, Simon. “DL-Learner – Structured Machine Learning on Semantic Web Data.” Paper presented at the meeting of the The Web Conf (WWW) 2018 Journals Track, 2018.

DL-Learner in the Journal of Web Semantics 2016:

PhD thesis of Jens Lehmann

Note on Citing: If you want to refer to the software DL-Learner, please cite the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) article, which appeared in the open source track. If you want to refer to the algorithms and methods used in DL-Learner, please cite the Machine Learning journal (MLj) article.